The Health Benefits And The Side Effects, Explained

The Health Benefits And The Side Effects, Explained

The widespread name of matcha tea is maccha. It is a freshly ground and emerald-green tea powder. It was prepared from the high-quality leaf, the widespread name of which is tencha. These tea bushes are sheltered to avoid the exposure to the heat of direct sunlight. This process, however, reduces the photosynthesis and slows down the pace of growth of the plants. This process stimulates the production of chlorophyll and amino acids and provides a darker shade to the tree leaves. Unlike the other green tea, maccha leaves are not steamed to protect them from oxidation. And preserve the nutritional contents and the flavor of these tea leaves. Use the Kogan voucher to save money if you are shopping online.

Health benefits of Matcha Tea: the miraculous effects of maccha tea in our bodies.

  • Help prevents cancer: Matcha tea helps to prevent cancer. This high epigallocatechin gallate content of this tea has chemopreventive properties. A lot of studies have shown that maccha tea helps to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells. If that was not enough, it also promotes apoptosis induction, and thus, helps to reduce the risk of developing harmful cancer diseases. Such as bladder cancer, collateral cancer, etc.
  • Strengthens the immune system: Matcha tea is a natural storehouse of antioxidants. Matcha tea contains a plethora of different kinds of antioxidant polyphenols. As compared to different green teas, matcha tea contains an abundant number of powerful antioxidants such as epigallocatechin gallate or ECGC. This, along with other antioxidants, attracts the oxygen free radicals in the body. It neutralizes their harmful effects on human health. This protects the occurrence of inflammation and other disorders related to oxidative stress.
  • Improve cardiovascular health: The rich ECGC content of matcha tea also helps with the management of our good cardiovascular health. This compound is already in the tea naturally, and it helps to keep the level of bad cholesterol low. Plus, it also helps with reducing the lipid accumulation. This fantastic antioxidant also helps in promoting the autophagy of the vascular endothelial cells.
  • Helping with detoxifying the body: The matcha tea contains chlorophyll compounds. Chlorophyll is a fantastic detoxifier, and it helps with the whole body cleansing too. Chlorophyll helps us to detoxify our blood, and it also maintains the alkalinity of it. Chlorophyll also flushes out the harmful toxins from our body and thus, prevents their interaction with the colon walls.

The Health Benefits And The Side Effects, Explained

  • Provides protection against different kinds of infections: The ECGC is also very helpful in fighting against harmful bacteria and viruses of our body. It also helps our body to protect from fungal infections. Different researches have shown that this ECGC binds the lipid membrane, and it takes actions against various pathogens such as influenza A virus and also hepatitis B and C viruses. Herp viruses and also staphylococcus aureus bacteria.
  • Protects against HIV: ECGC is also efficient in protecting against HIV. Consumption of maccha tea is also helpful in protecting the brains of HIV students. This happens because of the power of ECGC, which helps this antioxidant to penetrate through the blood vein barriers.

Side effects of Matcha tea: some side effects and allergies that you should know.

There are side effects to every good thing. Maccha tea is no different. Despite having so many beneficial effects of the human body, matcha tea has some side effects too. It contains a high amount of caffeine. It affects nervousness, irritability and dizziness. Large dosages consumption of matcha tea might cause digestive disorders and irritable bowel syndrome. It may also cause sleeping disorders due to its high caffeine-rich content.

Despite having such side effects, maccha tea has a large number of beneficial effects on our human health. Its actions against such harmful diseases like cancer, HIV and other bacterial and fungal and viral infections is what makes it more desirable to health-conscious people. Besides, matcha tea is a great source of antioxidant, and you should try it.